Dr. Mark Tousignant, MD

Though Dr. Mark Tousignant began his career as an engineer, he always felt that medicine was his calling. So, after years of designing and building things, he went back to school in order to become a doctor.

While working as a surgeon at Backus Hospital in Norwich, he realized many of his patients’ health problems were related to their weight. He began to focus on providing surgical weight loss procedures to patients struggling with obesity.

Since then, Dr. Tousignant has performed hundreds of bariatric procedures. He is now head of the ECHN Center for Weight Loss, working from his South Windsor office, as well as Manchester Memorial Hospital.

South Windsor Office

Our office team consists of dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced professionals at the ECHN Center for Weight Loss office, located South Windsor. They are committed to caring for every individual by realizing their unique needs and concerns. This team is led by Mark Toursignant MD, and consists of a Program Coordinator, Medical Assistant and Dietician.

They will find the weight loss option that best works for you. This includes both both non-surgical as well as surgical options, such as gastric bypass, lap band, and gastric sleeve surgery. All plans include long-term support and care to ensure a better outcome for you.

Hospital team

If your treatment plan includes surgery, our dedicated and talented hospital team works closely with the office team to seamlessly deliver an excellent patient care experience before, during, and after surgery. The team consists of Dr. Tousignant, physician assistants, anesthesia providers, nurses, technologists, therapists and other staff.