Pulmonary Services

ECHN offers a wide range of pulmonary and lung care services designed to help you breathe easier. Our expert pulmonologists (pulmonary medicine specialists) see patients for short-term needs and long-term care for lung conditions.

Services Include:

  • Pulmonary function testing, performed on an outpatient basis to determine how well your lungs and breathing are working, which can help guide treatment
  • Ventilators, for inpatients who need the help of a breathing device
  • Devices such as CPAPs and BiPAPs, to help people with sleep disorders breathe better as they sleep
  • A highly regarded Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, part of our overall Cardiac Rehabilitation program, designed to strengthen lungs and improve breathing after an illness, injury or surgery
  • A smoking cessation program, where many people have found help and success in quitting smoking

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