Breast Imaging Services

Digital Mammography

All mammograms at the Women's Center for Wellness are performed digitally using state-of-the-art technology. Digital mammography is your strongest ally in the early detection of breast cancer.  Mammography is a low dose x-ray procedure that allows the radiologist to visualize the internal structure of the breast. With digital mammography, images appear in seconds on a computer screen, providing more detail and clarity, resulting in shorter exam times, fewer call backs, and less anxiety.



Breast Ultrasound plays an important role in breast imaging. This method uses sound waves to evaluate the breast tissue.   Ultrasound of the breast is often used in conjunction with mammogram to visualize cysts or to assess changes in dense breast tissue.   Ultrasound can also be used to guide biopsies of the breast, which is explained in further detail under Frequently Asked Questions. 

Stereotactic and Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy Procedures

Breast biopsy procedures are offered as part of our comprehensive breast imaging service. All biopsy procedures are performed by licensed, qualified radiologists and breast imaging technologists. We partner with the ECHN Breast Care Collaborative to provide support and guidance for the patient, during all phases of their procedure.