Obtaining Medical Records

Medical records for services provided at Manchester Memorial Hospital, Rockville General Hospital, Eastern Connecticut Medical Professionals, Woodlake at Tolland or Visiting Nurse & Health Services of Connecticut (VNHSC) facilities can be provided at the written request of patients or their authorized legal representative, such as a Power of Attorney (POA) or healthcare representative. A valid ID is required. Authorized legal representatives must provide appropriate documentation for verification.
Please note: If you need medical records from a specific doctor, outside of ECHN's ECMP providers, you will need to contact that doctor's office directly.

Forms to Complete

Please complete the appropriate "Authorization to Release or Obtain Health Information" form for the entity that provided care. Submit the form, either in person or via mail, to the address located on the header of the form

Manchester Memorial Hospital Authorization Form

Rockville General Hospital Authorization Form

Visiting Nurse & Health Services of Connecticut Authorization Form

Woodlake at Tolland Authorization Form

Eastern Connecticut Medical Professionals (ECMP) Authorization Form - please submit forms to the specific ECMP office where care was provided.

Medical Record Copy Fees

There may be a reasonable, cost-based fee associated with a request for copies of the medical record. The fee may include only the cost of: (1) labor for copying the Personal health Information(PHI) requested by the individual, whether in paper or electronic form; (2) supplies for creating the paper copy or electronic media (e.g., Encrypted CD or Encrypted USB Drive) if the individual requests that the electronic copy be provided on portable media; (3) postage, when the individual requests that the copy, or summary or explanation be mailed; and (4) preparation of the explanation or summary of the PHI, if agreed to by the individual.

An individual has a right to receive a copy of his/her Protected Health Information (PHI) in the form, format and manner requested, if readily producible in that way, or as otherwise agreed to by the individual. Since the medical record copy fees will vary based on the form, format and manner of access requested or agreed to individuals are encouraged to contact the respective Health Information Management/Medical Records Department or ECMP provider office to request a copy of the medical record copy fees associated with their request.

Copies of medical records can be sent directly to providers or healthcare facilities free of charge.
Please call 860.533.2930, Ext. 6433 with any questions or if you require additional assistance.

MyECHN Patient Portal

Patients who have had an inpatient stay at Manchester Memorial or Rockville General Hospital can access their medical records after they are discharged using the MyECHN Patient Portal.

Through a secure website, patients can access information including:

  • Health care team members
  • Procedures performed while in the hospital
  • Lab results
  • Medications prescribed
  • Discharge instructions

To participate you must be 18 years of age or older and have been admitted to Manchester Memorial or Rockville General Hospital after June 3, 2014. Excludes behavioral health visits. Learn more.

Patients of Eastern Connecticut Medical Professionals providers have access to their medical records via the FollowMyHealth Patient Portal.


Birth Certificates

Although hospitals distribute the paperwork for birth certificates, birth certificates are actually town records and are available through the Town Clerk's office at the town in which the baby was born. The towns on this list can produce a birth certificate for ANY birth in Connecticut from March 2001 on. 

For births at Manchester Memorial Hospital, the Town Clerk's office may be reached at 860.647.3037, and the Town Hall is located at 41 Center Street.