About CorpCare

Our Approach

  • Our partnerships with employers minimize lost productivity associated with on-the-job injuries and illnesses and maximize health care dollars using a proven model of education, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.
  • Our safety and health education programs, ergonomic worksite evaluations, and safety "walk-throughs" are readily available to help support and complement your existing safety programs.
  • We work with you to proactively identify potential safety and health hazards before they cause injury or illness.
  • We provide timely care with clinical expertise for occupational injuries and illnesses. Our medical providers focus on work function, not disability. CorpCare is staffed by board-certified doctors specializing in occupational, internal, and emergency medicine.
  • CorpCare's sports medicine approach to post-injury rehabilitation complements the medical provider's plan of care and facilitates a safe and timely recovery.

Results That Count
On average, 80 percent of workers treated at CorpCare safely return to full or modified duty after initial office visits, making substantial savings possible to the employer by:

  • Reducing time away from work
  • Minimizing replacement worker costs
  • Controlling insurance premiums

High Satisfaction
CorpCare's clients report high satisfaction in the areas that matter most:

  • No appointments necessary for initial office visits.
  • Keeping you up-to-date on your employees' health and injury status with same-day faxes or personal phone calls.
  • Same-day consultation with managed-care and insurance representatives.
  • Emphasis on safely returning employees to work.
  • Knowledge of regulatory compliance and Connecticut's workers' compensation system.