Hospice Care

Hospice Care

Hospice affirms life and views dying as a natural part of life's continuum. Hospice neither shortens nor prolongs life beyond a person's own natural processes. The purpose of hospice is to provide care and support to people in the final stages of a life-threatening disease.

At Manchester Memorial Hospital and Rockville General Hospital, we offer special hospice rooms for patients and their families. These homelike rooms are away from the hospitals' busy areas and are intended for end-of-life care, pain management, and respite care for families. All of the hospitals' services, including chaplain services and grief counselors, are available.

  • For information on hospice rooms at Manchester Memorial Hospital please call 860.647.4758.
  • For information on hospice rooms at Rockville General Hospital please call 860.872.0501, ext. 5344.
  • For information on the hospice program at Visiting Nurse & Health Services of Connecticut please call 860.872.9163.

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