Privacy Breach

On May 7, 2013 Eastern Connecticut Health Network (“ECHN”) learned of an incident that occurred on that day, in which a laptop was stolen from an ECHN employee office. The laptop was password protected and the facts of the theft do not lead us to believe that the intent of the theft was to steal patient information. Our investigation has led us to conclude that the laptop contained limited patient information including certain patient’s names, date(s) of service, limited treatment information, and, in certain cases, the name of the patient’s insurance company. The information did not contain any patient’s social security number, credit card information or banking information.

Although we do not believe that there is the likelihood of any additional unauthorized disclosures or misuse of the inadvertently disclosed patient information, letters are being sent to affected patients about the incident, and to remind them to routinely monitor all of their accounts for misuse. We have not received any indication that the inadvertently disclosed patient information was used in an unauthorized manner.

ECHN thoroughly investigated this incident and are implementing policies and procedures, such as encryption of all ECHN laptops, to prevent this from happening again. In addition, ECHN has retrained this and other employees on ECHN's security and privacy policies.

ECHN considers security of patient information to be of utmost importance and regularly performs review of its security systems. We are available at 1-877-883-3871 or to answer questions that you may have.

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