Financial Assistance

ECHN is committed to treating all patients who need our care regardless of their health insurance or financial status. We offer services to help you arrange for the payment of your bill, from insurance billing to payment plans and even financial assistance, which may qualify you for reduced payment.

ECHN provides Financial Assistance to uninsured or underinsured individuals who are unable to pay all or part of their bill for any services rendered at the hospital. If you are coping with a financial hardship and are facing debts owed to ECHN, Financial Assistance may be available to you.

Before providing full or partial Financial Assistance, ECHN will ask for information to verify income, insurance, or correspondence that insurance of a governmental program (i.e. Medicaid) will not pay for your care. We will also assist you in completing Financial Assistance applications and paperwork. This information is held in the strictest confidence. Patient Financial Services will make a written determination of your eligibility for assistance within 10 working days of the receipt of your request.

If you have an outstanding hospital bill and you wish to apply for financial assistance, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 860.646.1222, ext. 2218, Monday-Friday from 8 - 4:30 p.m.

Monthly Payment Plan Program

We are pleased to offer an interest-free monthly installment plan for patients unable to pay the amount due in full.

To qualify for the program, a patient's account balance must be greater that $150.00 and a monthly payment plan application will need to be completed so we can work with you to determine what would be an agreeable monthly payment.

It is ECHN's responsibility to ensure that monthly installment amounts are reasonable when compared to a patient's monthly income and expenses.

Payment Plan Requirements

ECHN offers interest-free payment plans. Plans do not extend more than 24 months. Here are the plans available based on the amount of your bill:

  • $150 to $250: 3 months
  • $250 to $750: 6 months
  • $750 to $1250: 9 months
  • $1250 to $2000: 12 months
  • $2000 to $3000: 15 months
  • $3000 to $4500: 18 months
  • $4500 and over: 24 months
Other important details:
  • The minimum monthly payment is $50. The monthly payment is determined by the total amount due and the number of months contracted.
  • Patient balance has to equal or exceed $150 to utilize a payment plan.
  • Contract is to be signed by the patient and returned to us.
  • If the patient doesn't fulfill the monthly obligation, the plan is terminated and the patient is required to pay the remaining balance in full immediately.
  • Payment Plans are set up on specific dates - the first week of the month (7th) and the third week of the month (21st).
  • Patients are required to make a payment at time of establishing the payment plan or within 10 days, otherwise contract cancelled.
  • Individual circumstances will be considered with the approval of the manager and supporting documentation indicating financial situation.

For more information and instruction on how to apply for a Monthly Payment Plan, please contact a Financial Counselor at ECHN's Patient Financial Services office at 860.872.5151, or email us at

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