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So, you can’t sleep…

Just how important is sleep to your body and mind. ECHN will help you discover why sleep, in all its stages, is vital to your health and well-being – especially during the winter months.

When you’re not able to sleep you just aren’t as alert, quick or creative as usual, and with the shorter winter days, this is essential. But the underlying dangers are not so obvious – and they are especially detrimental when you are sleepless for an extended period of time. These may include an increased risk of obesity caused by sleep deprivation, increased risk of both diabetes and heart problems, increased risk of depression or substance abuse, plus undermining your body’s ability to fight off disease, to name just a few.

When you sleep well, many positive things are happening. Healthy and rejuvenating forces are coming together all over your body and brain to repair and reboot your systems. In order to get the essential sleep you need to help ensure healthy renewal, the following advice may help:
  • Avoid eating and exercising for four hours, and caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine for six hours, before bedtime
  • Continue to keep up your exercise regime, particularly during the short winter days
  • Clear your mind of the day's stress by practicing deep breathing or relaxation exercises  
  • Turn alarm clocks toward the wall. Checking the time may increase anxiety and keep you awake
  • Get up at the same time every day. Your body will respond positively to a consistent cycle
Learn more about how to get the sleep you need. Watch ECHN’s Certified Sleep Center video and contact the Sleep Center today to make an appointment.
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