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Oh, my aching bones…

Yes, cold, damp weather may increase your joint pain. Mild joint pain can often be treated with RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) and over-the-counter pain and inflammation medication. However, if you have severe pain, can’t put any weight on the joint, it looks crooked, or you can’t move it properly you should see a doctor.

You may also ask yourself, “now what do I do… is it time for a new joint?” If you think the answer is yes, or your Dr. has introduced joint replacement into the conversation – is it really for you? Learn more about joint replacement to help you decide if this is the route you want to take. If you do opt for joint replacement, it may be helpful to learn more about rehab after surgery and what it can do to help you recover faster and better.

Joint pain, whether it’s caused by injury, age or even the weather, ECHN can help. With our wide array of Orthopedic Doctors and Physical Therapists, we have the service to customize treatment for you, right here. Call your doctor to discuss the treatments of joint pain and ask for a referral to discuss joint replacement with ECHN’s experts, today.
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