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Breast Health

At ECHN, it’s all about education and being proactive. If you have a history of breast cancer in your family, or you are 40 or older – it’s smart to make a mammogram part of your yearly exam.

We do understand learning about your breast health may be scary at first, especially if there is a concern, but there are many benign breast issues, too. Knowing what’s going on with your breasts and knowing what to expect at a mammogram will have you well on your way to peace of mind. Join us here to explore frequently asked questions, if there are risks, and answers about if a mammogram is painful.

Education is empowerment, and knowing your breasts are healthy inside and out, as well as understanding all the things that change as we age, should put your mind at ease. Less worry is always good, so make sure to make a mammogram appointment with your next check up. It’s just that easy.
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