The Women’s Center For Wellness Provides Quality Mammography Services

Mar 19, 2009 - 

The Mammography Services at the Women's Center for Wellness in South Windsor recently passed its annual FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) inspection.

Mammography services are highly regulated. The FDA requires an annual inspection of all mammography programs in accordance with MQSA. All quality and control tests and documentation were completed, resulting in the positive inspection. The inspector reviews actual mammograms and determines if the image quality meets the standards. Mammogram reports are reviewed and must contain language approved by the MQSA. Performance standards of the mammogram technologists and radiologists (physicians who interpret the mammograms) are reviewed as well as documentation of the completion of required continuing education hours.

When a facility passes the FDA inspection, patients are assured that quality standards are practiced. "It was a very positive initial experience," a patient commented on the facility's patient satisfaction survey. "Staff is well organized, friendly, and very patient-oriented." For a mammogram appointment at the Women's Center for Wellness, please call 533-4646 and press "1."

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