Grant From CHEFA Will Help Renovate ECHN’s Behavioral Health Unit At Manchester Memorial Hospital

Dec 1, 2011 -  MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT – Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) has been awarded a $75,000 grant from the Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA) for safety upgrades and renovations of the Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit at Manchester Memorial Hospital.

In 1973, Manchester Memorial Hospital established a 14-bed adult inpatient unit to meet the behavioral health needs of the community. Over the last 35 years, the program has grown into a 35-bed adult and adolescent inpatient unit. Today, services include an adult outpatient clinic and partial hospital program, serving both behavioral health and substance abuse patients. These programs offer crisis, vocational support, case management, and geriatric services. Adolescents are provided with a clinical day school, partial hospital, and outpatient clinic. ECHN expanded its behavioral health services to include not only the increasing needs of its communities but also for communities outside of its service area because of healthcare changes and state hospital closings.

In the past, high-risk patients were transferred to and treated at the appropriate state facility. Today this population is served locally, challenging the community hospital’s ability to provide this intensive level of care. When the unit was planned in 1973, it was not designed for this level of care. Renovating the inpatient behavioral health unit is necessary to keep patients, visitors, staff and the community safe.

“Each modification to the unit addresses the deficiencies of the existing environment that is outdated and not adequate for the population for which the behavioral health unit now serves,” said Stan Kontogiannis, Corporate & Foundation Relations Officer, ECHN Community Healthcare Foundation. “The upgrades will provide a more secure and welcoming therapeutic environment and enable the staff to attend to treatment rather than expending efforts and attention to safety measures that simple modifications can resolve or assist.”

“We are grateful for the grant from CHEFA,” said Kontogiannis. “The funds will enable us to begin this well-overdue renovation work to create a safe environment for all concerned.”

Anyone interested in learning more about this project or wish to get involved in any other fund-raising projects at ECHN, please contact Stan at 860.647.4754 or via email at

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