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Chairman's Council

Honoring the Spirit of Philanthropy

The Chairman's Council is a special philanthropic society established by the
Trustees of the ECHN Community Healthcare Foundation to honor the outstanding commitment of individual donors and couples who give $1,000* or more annually to support healthcare in eastern Connecticut.

Through your generous contribution, we can make a real and tangible difference in enhancing the quality of local healthcare - and quality of life - for all the residents of our community. The Chairman's Council is our way of saying thank you to these very special friends.

* not including event registrations, tickets, sponsorships, or auction purchases

Helping to Build our Future

Your contribution will benefit the ECHN Community Healthcare Foundation's unrestricted fund, serving the greatest needs of our patients. These gifts are disbursed appropriately for expansion, program enhancement and new services including:

  • medical equipment purchases
  • program enhancements
  • new healthcare services & programs
  • other improvements designed to meet and anticipate the changing needs of our fast-growing population.

Providing high-quality healthcare offers many challenges. Traditional methods of care are giving way to innovative new approaches. As healthcare providers, we must be able to remain responsive and creative in finding new and better solutions to complex medical needs.

With an annual commitment comes a special level of recognition as a member of the Chairman's Council and an integral philanthropic supporter of our local healthcare system. In gratitude and appreciation for your vital and generous support, members are provided a number of special privileges.

The Benefits You'll Receive

  • Celebration of Giving and Annual Meeting invitation
  • Recognition listing in the Annual Report
  • Annual President's Report

Membership and benefits apply during each fiscal year, October 1 through September 30.

Ready to Join?

You may donate right now, online, using our secure donation form. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

You may also mail your check, payable to the ECHN Community Healthcare Foundation, to:

ECHN Community Healthcare Foundation
71 Haynes Street
Manchester, CT 06040

For more information, please contact Nina Kruse at 860.647.4767 or  

Chairman's Council Members

Drs. Angelito & Aileen Bacay
Atty. Ryan P. Barry & Dr. Lisa C. Barry
Maxwell & Sally Belding
Roger & Linda Bissell
Lisa Boyle & Kevin Grealish
Greta H. Boynton, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R. Breiter
Susan & Bill Breslau
Neil & Sandi Brooks
Laura & Jim Brown
The Buch Family
Richard "Jerry" Bundy
Ms. Elizabeth Butler
Dr. Theresa M. Caputo & Mr. Dennis Godek
Dr. Tris J. Carta & Dr. Angelee Diana Carta
Dr. & Mrs. James Castellone
Dr. & Mrs. Kwok O. Chan
Mr. & Mrs. Gardner Chapman
Andre & Erna Charbonneau
Andre & Sandy Charbonneau
Mrs. Elaine Charendoff
Perry & Debra Chilberg
Dr. & Mrs. Soo Kang Choi
Bess & Charles Covin
Leona & Bill Crosskey
Robert & Margaret Dawson
Mr. & Mrs. Darren DeMartino
Mr. & Mrs. Milton Doremus
Neil & Elizabeth Ellis
David & Susan Engelson
Louise C. England
Hap & Sue Fitts
Dr. & Mrs. Edward Flanagan
Mrs. Beverly Fuss
Donald & Mary Genovesi
Kim & James Geyer
Mrs. Shirley K. Glenney
Rashid Hamid & Ester Sanches-Naek
Ms. Maureen S. Hanink
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Hanna
Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Hayes, Jr.
Johanna & Jeffrey Heidtman
Wallace & Roberta Irish
Atty. & Mrs. Ronald Jacobs
Peter & Donna Karl
Jeffrey & Tonja Kelly
Lester S. Kritzer, MD
Alan F. Krupp, MD
Nancy & Jerome Lahman
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Lavey
Ray & Cathy Lefurge
Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Linda Lemire
Peter & Rosemary Lombardo
Michael & Brenda Lynch
Kathy & Brian MacLean
Lon & Holly Manfredi
Jon & Elizabeth Marx
Thomas & Sue Mason
Dr. John & Laura McCarrick
Bill & Mary McGurk
Tom & Robin Meggers
Dick & Jane Merlino
Dr. Claudio P. Milite & Ms. Paris-Anne Potenza
Peter & Sara Mulligan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nolan
Paul & Arlene Norman
Mr. & Mrs. Steven T. Norris
Dr. & Mrs. Luke E. O'Connor
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Odom
Peter & Patricia Olson
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis G. O'Neill
Carol & Bill O'Neill
Rosemarie & Jack Papa
Deborah & David Parker
Mr. Walter P. Payne & Ms. Mary Lou Costanzo
Chantal M. Perigo
Sam & Phyllis Pierson
Joel J. Reich, M.D. & Beth Hillson
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew L. Reiser
Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Richter
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Rodner
Dr. & Mrs. Joel L. Rosenlicht
Laurence & Betty Ann Rubinow
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Scanlon
Dr. Robert & Joan Schwartz
Dr. & Mrs. Michael R. Sharon
Mr. & Mrs. Kelvin Sims
Mrs. Eleanor I. Skinner*
Mr. Matthew B. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Staggenborg
Mrs. Barbara Stephens
Lincoln & Janet Streeter
Wilson & Rebecca Vega
Roseann Williams
Keith & Kristina Wolff
Drs. Benjamin & Jennifer Zigun

* deceased

Seeds of Gratitude

We invite you to share your story. Simply click the link below and tell us why you are grateful to ECHN for the care you received or why you support ECHN.

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