Community Health Needs

Community Health Needs Assessment

In 2013, ECHN affiliates Manchester Memorial Hospital and Rockville General Hospital collaborated to conduct a comprehensive community health needs assessment (CHNA). The goals of the assessment were:
·          To identify current and future healthcare needs in the community

·          To improve and strengthen programs and services provided to address them
The CHNA process was led by an Oversight Committee that included members of the organization with established relationships with community groups and agencies. 
Data collected for the CHNA included:
·          Health, social, and demographic data specific to ECHN’s service area obtained from local public health agencies, national health associations and other data sources.
·          Health behavior information collected from 1,047 residents who responded to a community survey.
·          Input from 12 community stakeholders from local organizations invested in the health of underserved populations. 
The Oversight Committee prioritized the CHNA’s identified health needs based primarily on the size and severity of a particular need, and also took into account the hospital’s ability to impact the need, and the availability of resources that exist to address it. Based on these criteria, the following health needs were given the highest priority:
·          Heart Disease Incidence
·          Cancer Incidence
·          Diabetes Incidence
·          Arthritis Incidence
For more information on the CHNA, please call 860.647.6456 or email

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